Find the Right School Setting in NYC and Beyond



Want your child to attend boarding school or university in the U.S.?


Crimson Coaching assists families in finding the right academic setting for their children in New York City and beyond.  We conduct in-person or video chats to gauge students' needs and families' preferences, set up campus visits, interviews and tests, and assist with the completion of applications, including acting as a liaison with children's current schools abroad to procure letters of recommendation from teachers and administrators. Clients can focus on the move while Crimson Coaching attends to all the details of their children’s transition into a new school.

Upon arrival, some families need tutoring to help ease the transition.  Our founder, Dr. Padurano, can tutor most academic subjects in French, Spanish or English while students get used to their new school and, potentially, learning in a new language.  Moreover, she can provide spouses with English instruction geared to new cultural and social contexts, such as interacting with other adults in the new school community. Dr. P.’s extensive linguistic skills and teaching background can help any family fit in quickly to their new school community.


Interested in learning more?

Contact us and we will set up a consultation phone call with Dr. Padurano, founder of Crimson Coaching.