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As college admissions grow more competitive, applicants need essays that will help them stand out from the crowd.

Dr. Padurano’s expert, caring questions help even the most blocked writer brainstorm topics and anecdotes that make a personal statement or supplemental essay come alive.  Once the student produces a draft, Dr. P. works closely with the student to ensure the narrative conveys important aspects of his or her background and interests to the admissions committee.  Finally, Dr. P.’s own extensive publication history makes clear that the final polished essay will be not just grammatically correct, but also a joy for admissions officers to read and remember.

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our writing comes with proven results

Crimson Coaches' own essays have gotten them into Harvard and beyond, and essays that we've helped students write have gotten them big scholarships.

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App Preparation Assistance

We assist families with the entire application process, from choosing the right schools to pressing “Send” on the Common App, to wading through acceptance offers in spring.


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Essay writing challenges even the best students.

Organization, analysis, grammar and style are only a few of the skills that students need to master to write an effective essay. Dr. P. provides assistance with academic writing to all Crimson Coaching clients. An author who has published widely, Dr. P.’s writing services are tailored to the individual’s unique needs. For example, students struggling with English or History might require help in learning to read primary sources and textbooks more effectively, while an English language learner might need initial instruction in English grammar before progressing to more complex analytical writing. Foreign students might also benefit from a Crimson Coaching online English tutor to learn English speaking. Dr. P. also employs online tools such as Google Docs to provide students feedback on their essays when schedules or distances prevent them from meeting in person.

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Essay Help Made FUN

Crimson Coaches practice positive reinforcement and use humor to establish rapport with all students.

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international students

Learn English grammar and practice English speaking with a well-educated native and born teacher.


Individualized Reports

Crimson Coaches provide quick feedback to parents/adult students, and respond professionally to suggestions and requests.

Fear rather than laziness often causes procrastination.

Fear rather than laziness often causes procrastination.

need to help your hs senior through senior slump?


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