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Perspective on organization from Dr. P.

As a young teacher in the 1990s, I began to understand how poor organization created bigger problems for students down the line.  So, I instituted a variety of organizing practices for my ninth grade students, such as storing their notes, handouts and assessments at the end of each unit in large manila envelopes in a file crate in my classroom.  When I began working more with students one-on-one as Founder and Head Coach of Crimson Coaching, I could peer inside their notebooks, binders and backpacks – and what I saw wasn’t pretty. Unopened planners explained the string of missing assignments, and crumpled papers at the bottom of backpacks revealed homework done but never granted credit. Since time management and study skills often cause students to underperform in content areas, I include counsel in these areas for any student needing help in History, Spanish, Algebra and the other subjects I tutor.


Watch Dr. P. in action with her 8th Grade Study Skills Class


Filmed & Edited by Eli Worth, a Former Crimson Coaching Student


Without effective organizational, time management and study skills methods, no student can reach his or her fullest potential.


Dr. P. and 8th Grader Anna Feuerbach   •   Photo by Sharyn Boswell

Dr. P. and 8th Grader Anna Feuerbach  •  Photo by Sharyn Boswell

Through her private work with individual students; as a workshop presenter on these issues; as a Study Skills and Time Management instructor for eighth, ninth and tenth grade students at the Larchmont Mamaroneck Center for Continuing Education; and author of the forthcoming Soar Through High School and Beyond: The Essential Guide to Managing Time, Organizing Stuff, Studying Wisely, Staying Healthy and Having Fun, it’s Dr. P.'s personal mission to ensure that every student has these essential skills.

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