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Expert Academic Assistance for students of all ages and abilities


New York City’s Most Elite Private Tutors Welcome You!

Crimson Coaching provides tutoring services to students aged 5 to adult in all academic subjects, for any standardized test or college / post-graduate application.  Crimson Coaching’s clients have been accepted to the nation’s top independent schools, liberal arts colleges, and Ivy League universities.


We currently offer the following services:

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Test Prep

College App & Essay Writing

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Study & Time management Skills

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School placement assistance

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Yoga & Stress Reduction


Founded by Harvard graduate and master teacher Dominique Padurano in 2014, Crimson Coaching offers private and group instruction in person throughout the New York metropolitan area and online tutoring to clients worldwide. 

Crimson Coaching differs from other tutoring and test prep companies in our highly personalized attention to our students and their families. Students build skills and confidence more quickly (and parents spend less money) because, unlike some tutors at chain centers, our decades of teaching experience and unparalleled credentials help us to quickly and accurately diagnose and effectively address students' academic and emotional needs. 



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Dr. P.’s study skills book is done - & Seeking a publisher!

Based on decades of teaching experiences and cutting-edge neuroscience explaining how teens’ brains work, Soar Through High School promises to help any teen struggling to get organized, manage time, study more efficiently, build healthy relationships, and reduce anxiety and depression. Filled with worksheets, inspirational quotes, and real-life examples, Dr. P.’s book can be used in classrooms or individually, and will make the perfect graduation, bar mitzvah, or confirmation gift.


Click on the image to go to Dr. Peg's website.

Click on the image to go to Dr. Peg's website.

Dr. P. on the radio with dr. peggy mitchell clark


Ever wonder about the derivation of a slang word for a men’s sleeveless undershirt?

Ever wonder about the derivation of a slang word for a men’s sleeveless undershirt?

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