Erase the Fear Out of Test Taking 


Empowering through Preparation

Though the words SAT prep and ACT exam often strike fear and loathing into the hearts of students and parents everywhere, this process does not need to be painful.  Learning how to ace the SAT and other standardized tests can actually build confidence, bolstering students’ self-esteem for the challenges ahead.



From a satisfied test prep client

Though Dr. P. had been recommended to me last fall, another (less expensive) tutor worked with my son on ACT prep this spring instead.  Unfortunately, my son’s scores and skills stagnated during that time.  So, I reached out to Dr. P. this summer in the hopes that she could do something to help raise my son’s ACT scores.  Because she charges a bit more than our previous tutor, we began with just a 10-hour package.  We wound up buying two more.  Not only did Dr. P. teach my son the basics of algebra and geometry that enabled him to raise his ACT score by 5 points, with improvement in every section. She gave him the confidence that he needed to believe that he could do it.  Medical issues, changing schools, and ADD had diminished my son’s academic self-esteem, but through patient encouragement and nurturing structure, Dr. P. showed him that he had the skills and intelligence to perform well.  I’m so thankful we found her — and sorry we didn’t use her sooner.  I recommend Dr. P. and Crimson Coaching to any family whose child needs to take a test, improve skills, and learn content. — L.D., Lower Westchester County


Dr. P. leads Matt Orchanian’s Study Skills class in mindful breathing   Photo by Eli Worth

Dr. P. leads Matt Orchanian’s Study Skills class in mindful breathing

Photo by Eli Worth

conquer your test stress

Even the highest-achieving students can use expert assistance to maximize their potential on these exams, even if it’s just learning how to assuage their test anxiety. Dr. P., a certified yoga teacher, empowers anxious students with meditative breathing techniques, and Crimson Coaches equip all students with the test-taking strategies that they need to perform well on the SAT test, the ACT, ISEE, SSAT, NYS Regents, AP exams, GRE and more.



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Crimson Coaching's test prep accommodates students’ distinct learning styles and families’ varying budgets.

We'll work with you to determine how best to use our services within your means. 

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We offer one-on-one and small group test prep, in the form of either a home tutor or online tutoring.

This offers the greatest flexibility for families’ schedules and budgets: start a class with up to four of your child’s friends for a lower cost per family.

If you are interested in private tutoring for any test, contact us to set up a complimentary telephone consultation with Dr. P., founder of Crimson Coaching.


Become a Crimson Community Partner

Crimson Coaching also partners with community organizations in the tri-state area to offer preparation classes for any test – from AP to Regents exams, from SAT to ACT and beyond.

Please contact us if you represent a non-profit, religious, or community organization and would like to host Crimson Coaching’s next course.