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Dominique Padurano, or Dr. P. as we affectionately call her, founded Crimson Coaching to help students struggling in a large class, as well as those who require added rigor and enrichment beyond the scope of the busy classroom teacher to provide. Dr. P. honed her craft in the classroom for more than a decade, deploying a wide variety of strategies to help students with distinct styles and needs. A tutor since age 13, she also understood that many students require one-on-one instruction to complement or cement the classroom learning.


Dr. P.’s chosen vocation comes as no surprise to her childhood friends. A lover of learning and books, she left her hometown of Bohemia, New York, to attend Harvard College, where she graduated with high honors in 1993. She earned a Master’s degree in Education in 1998 and became NYS certified to teach grades K-6 (all subjects), Social Studies, Spanish and Art by 2000. Dominique became “Dr. P.” in 2007, after completing her doctorate in History at Rutgers. She has had the pleasure of teaching high school and university students history at institutions such as Great Neck North High School, Horace Mann School, Scarsdale High School and the University of Texas.  Currently, Dr. P. teaches American history as an adjunct assistant professor at the City University of New York.


Dr. P.’s column on education appears monthly in The Epoch Times. Click the image at left to read her most recent article.


Dr. P. has been blessed with fantastic colleagues throughout her career. Several of these veteran, master teachers serve as Crimson Coaches in the sciences and certain foreign languages.

A resident of the New York City neighborhood of Riverdale, Dr. P. enjoys partaking in the cultural life of the Big Apple, the hiking trails and nature of the Hudson Valley, and the beautiful beaches of Long Island, where she grew up.

Sometimes the day-to-day grind of teaching erases the reason we get into the profession. Reading my student evaluations from spring semester reminded me how much I love helping young people to grow their minds, skills, and outlooks!

Dr. Padurano's Highlights



  • Her Italian ancestry, love of fitness, and interest in Depression-era culture led her to investigate the life of Charles Atlas during graduate school and beyond. Her Rutgers doctoral dissertation, “Making American Men: Charles Atlas and the Business of Bodies,” explored the ways in which Atlas, born Angelo Siciliano in 1892 Italy, used bodybuilding as a means to assimilate to his adopted country.

  • Later works, including her recently published, “Consuming La Bella Figura: Charles Atlas and American Masculinity, 1910-1940,” explained how Atlas incorporated ways of being Italian into his definition of the ideal American man. Her scholarship on Atlas, Italian America, and the first half of the twentieth century has also resulted in several other encyclopedia and book articles.

  • Finally, her work in the classroom led to an article on using images to sensitize students to issues of race and gender in The History Teacher, published by the Society for History Education in 2011.

Students' Accomplishments

  • Her students have been accepted to every Ivy League college, as well as other top universities such as Stanford, MIT, Duke, and the University of Chicago.

  • Student work written for her class has been published by The Concord Review, not once but twice.

  • Another student essay produced for her AP US History class was awarded the Cum Laude Society District 3 prize in 2010. This same student was named a Merrill Scholar at Cornell designating her in the top 1% of her senior class there; during the process, she named Dr. P. as the high school teacher who had the most impact on her intellectual growth.

Dominique Padurano (far right) pictured with her student Devon McMahon (center) and David J. Skorton, President of Cornell University

Dominique Padurano (far right) pictured with her student Devon McMahon (center) and David J. Skorton, President of Cornell University


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Avid traveler, former athlete, and amateur dancer and painter, Dr. P.'s wide ranging interests enable her to connect with students through a variety topics.

Dr. P.'s recent entry into “aunthood” brings her great joy and added insight to the developing minds of young children.